3 Hobbies That Make You Smarter

Do you have some extra time on your hands? There’s nothing wrong with kicking back and enjoying a TV show or movie at the end of a long day, but if you tend to find yourself with spare hours in the evening and on the weekends, you may enjoy pursuing a new hobby. These three pursuits are both fun and beneficial to your brain.

Learn a Musical Instrument

If you never learned how to read music or took any lessons as a child, don’t let that stop you! You are never too old for music instruction Rockford IL. What’s more, studies have shown that people who study music enjoy increased brain function and that the structure of musicians’ brains differs from that of nonmusicians. Depending on the instrument that you choose, staff members at the store where you rent or purchase it may be able to recommend teachers in your area.

Study a Second Language

So much of the world opens up when you have the ability to speak another language, even if you aren’t fluent. Being bilingual means that enjoy music and books written in another language, get around more easily in foreign countries and more. Look into local classes, connect with an instructor online, or try an app like Duolingo.


Meditation is better known for inducing calm than boosting brainpower. Nonetheless, neuroscientists have found that fluid intelligence, defined as one’s ability to work with new concepts, be creative and dream up innovative solutions, can be enhanced by regular meditation practice. You don’t need to devote much time to meditation to see the benefits: it only takes about twenty minutes per day.

Next time you find yourself with time to spare, why not get started on a self-improvement-friendly hobby? It may feel difficult to get started, but once you take the first steps, you’re sure to be glad that you gave something new a try.

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