3 Ways a Transmission Upgrade Improves Your Vehicle

Have you ever wondered how your car or truck works? You probably realize there is an engine and four wheels, but maybe you wonder how these two work together. While the whole assembly and process are composed of considerably more than three parts and a couple of steps, the simplest way to explain it is this: A transmission transfers power to the wheels from the engine. There are different kinds of transmissions, and each kind works differently. However, regardless of the kind of transmission, upgrades can be done to improve performance. Here are three ways transmission upgrades can improve your vehicle. 

1. They Allow Vehicles To Handle More Power

Many people put upgrading their transmission off until absolutely necessary, but there are benefits from getting it done before the transmission begins to break down. One of these is the ability to handle more power. Sometimes the engine will produce more torque than the transmission is capable of handling, and a transmission upgrade is usually the solution to this. However, even if the engine is not producing too much torque, an upgrade will still increase the amount the transmission can deal with. 

2. They Allow Vehicles To Perform Better

There is also an increase in performance associated with a transmission upgrade. Vehicles with upgraded transmissions work better overall because the transmission gear ratio is closer. This allows the engine to spend more time in the “sweet spot,” the point where it is operating at peak torque and peak horsepower.

3. They Allow a Speed Boost

Along with being able to handle more power and operate better, automobiles that have had their transmissions upgraded also gain a speed boost. This is also due to the close gear ratio, which lowers the amount of RPM drop when shifting between gears and allows for better acceleration. 

Upgrading your transmission may be a little pricey, but there are definite advantages to it. Automobiles with upgraded transmissions gain the ability to work with higher torques, operate at higher performance levels and can go faster.

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