Accident Information – Is Your Suspension Damaged?

Sometimes you can’t avoid an accident. It can be due to weather or sudden stops by other vehicles along the road. In Colorado, it happens when you either try to avoid or hit one of the many animals that cross in front of you. When the accident is severe enough – for example, your front end is damaged — there’s a strong possibility the suspension is also harmed in some way. However, for smaller accidents, problems with your suspension may not appear until much later.

What does your vehicle’s suspension do?

The main assignment of your car’s suspension system is to keep it on the road and maintain your comfort while driving. To get more technical, it minimizes the friction between your tires and the road surface. When you drive at high speeds, the tires have a harder time maintaining control. When this happens, the suspension system takes over.How do you know your suspension system works? Drive on a rough surface or go over a few speed bumps. If the car proceeds over these obstacles with minimal bouncing, then the suspension system works. If it bounces up and down and squeaks, there’s a potential problem.

How can you tell if the suspension system was damaged after an accident?

In some events, you won’t know if the suspension system is damaged. Even if you take it to a repair shop they might not even know since the damage is too small to see.However, even a hairline crack can expand into larger problems once you put the car back on the road. It may be fine on smoother surfaces like state or federal highways. However, once you hit a speed bump too hard or pass over a small pothole, the unseen damage can escalate.

How can I determine if the suspension is bad?

Even if you feel the damage isn’t bad, it’s a good idea to file a claim and have a shop take a look. Body shops like Jewel Collins can perform a thorough check and fix the damage before it gets worse.suspension work lakewood co

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