Advance Auto Components Names Thomas Greco CEO

Darren Jackson, CEO of Advance Auto Parts, the top monetary donor of Developing Properties for Heroes®, presented Andy Pujol, president of Constructing Homes for Heroes® with a check in the amount of $850,000 at its Advance Cares Vendor Golf Classic at the historic Omni Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia. Correct to their Price tag Match Guarantee , Advance Auto Parts will match the identical-day rates of comparable goods accessible at competitor shops and websites. Considering that Arthur Taubman founded Advance Auto Parts in 1932, the corporation has expanded to much more than five,000 locations and additional than 70,000 men and women, creating it the biggest automotive aftermarket parts provider in the United States. Find the replacement components for all vehicles at Advance Auto Components and get 20% when you spend at least $one hundred, plus save on brand new tools and accessories for your garage. In 2014 Advance Auto Parts started a Loyalty Plan for DIY shoppers, named SpeedPerks.

Advance Auto educates clients with totally free car repair strategies On , you’ll uncover instructional videos for changing brake fluid, replacing headlights, cleaning air filters, and other common upkeep jobs. Knowledgeable employees on Auto stuff but they fail to ask for Speedperks and do not know how to get personal computer register to take codes. Advance Auto also announced on Thursday by way of its second-quarter earnings report that it will be closing 50 shops prior to the finish of the year in markets across the U.S. A list of the locations that would be closing, even so, was not offered.

Use this Advance Auto Components promo code and save $40 on a brand new car battery, rotors, and other discount auto parts with this restricted time give great for your next order of replacement and upkeep parts. Love Advance Auto Components for their service but I love them even more for their promotions and possibility to save a lot of money on car repair. From my practical experience I don’t recall existence of pure 40% off Advance Auto coupon.

Prices are as substantially as 50% less than other auto parts shops on pick upkeep items and are reflected on web page. Save $10, then save time when you choose it up at your nearest Advance Auto Components retailer. Every month, Advance Auto Components publishes a new monthly flyer announcing their most recent deals, discounts, and unique gives. Maximum savings discount is $50 when use this Advance Auto Parts Discount Code.

With the sturdy connection among Advance Auto Components and Interactions Marketing and advertising, each companies hope to continue to make on the new experiences brought to the table in 2016. The acclaimed auto retailer features major brands like Bosch, Monroe, Goodyear, Actron, Flowmaster, and Haynes. Spokeswoman Laurie Stacy says all of the business-owned Carquest auto components retail stores will be rebranded to Advance over the next couple of years.

Making use of a Promo code for Advance Auto Parts will get you unique offers on tools, car parts, mechanic connected parts and a lot more to support you finish the job oneself from the comfort of your personal garage and household. No matter if you’re taking it in for service or are hunting to do it youself, Advance Auto Components is right here for you. Advance Auto Parts has what you need to have to repair nearly everything plus save when you use this Advance Auto Coupon Code.

3 Ways a Transmission Upgrade Improves Your Vehicle

Have you ever wondered how your car or truck works? You probably realize there is an engine and four wheels, but maybe you wonder how these two work together. While the whole assembly and process are composed of considerably more than three parts and a couple of steps, the simplest way to explain it is this: A transmission transfers power to the wheels from the engine. There are different kinds of transmissions, and each kind works differently. However, regardless of the kind of transmission, upgrades can be done to improve performance. Here are three ways transmission upgrades can improve your vehicle. 

1. They Allow Vehicles To Handle More Power

Many people put upgrading their transmission off until absolutely necessary, but there are benefits from getting it done before the transmission begins to break down. One of these is the ability to handle more power. Sometimes the engine will produce more torque than the transmission is capable of handling, and a transmission upgrade is usually the solution to this. However, even if the engine is not producing too much torque, an upgrade will still increase the amount the transmission can deal with. 

2. They Allow Vehicles To Perform Better

There is also an increase in performance associated with a transmission upgrade. Vehicles with upgraded transmissions work better overall because the transmission gear ratio is closer. This allows the engine to spend more time in the “sweet spot,” the point where it is operating at peak torque and peak horsepower.

3. They Allow a Speed Boost

Along with being able to handle more power and operate better, automobiles that have had their transmissions upgraded also gain a speed boost. This is also due to the close gear ratio, which lowers the amount of RPM drop when shifting between gears and allows for better acceleration. 

Upgrading your transmission may be a little pricey, but there are definite advantages to it. Automobiles with upgraded transmissions gain the ability to work with higher torques, operate at higher performance levels and can go faster.

Scenic Motors

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Accident Information – Is Your Suspension Damaged?

Sometimes you can’t avoid an accident. It can be due to weather or sudden stops by other vehicles along the road. In Colorado, it happens when you either try to avoid or hit one of the many animals that cross in front of you. When the accident is severe enough – for example, your front end is damaged — there’s a strong possibility the suspension is also harmed in some way. However, for smaller accidents, problems with your suspension may not appear until much later.

What does your vehicle’s suspension do?

The main assignment of your car’s suspension system is to keep it on the road and maintain your comfort while driving. To get more technical, it minimizes the friction between your tires and the road surface. When you drive at high speeds, the tires have a harder time maintaining control. When this happens, the suspension system takes over.How do you know your suspension system works? Drive on a rough surface or go over a few speed bumps. If the car proceeds over these obstacles with minimal bouncing, then the suspension system works. If it bounces up and down and squeaks, there’s a potential problem.

How can you tell if the suspension system was damaged after an accident?

In some events, you won’t know if the suspension system is damaged. Even if you take it to a repair shop they might not even know since the damage is too small to see.However, even a hairline crack can expand into larger problems once you put the car back on the road. It may be fine on smoother surfaces like state or federal highways. However, once you hit a speed bump too hard or pass over a small pothole, the unseen damage can escalate.

How can I determine if the suspension is bad?

Even if you feel the damage isn’t bad, it’s a good idea to file a claim and have a shop take a look. Body shops like Jewel Collins can perform a thorough check and fix the damage before it gets worse.suspension work lakewood co

Level 2 EV Charging Stations-What You Need to Know Before Buying One

You love your new electric car. No more smelly fuel pumping or toxic emissions. Your new ride is super quiet and can handle nearly all your commuting needs. Just keep it charged and you are good to go anywhere. Keeping the car battery pack charged sounds simple; just plug in and go when it finishes charging, right?

Here is where some problems surface. Most towns and suburban neighborhoods don’t have many charging stations available. Another problem situation involves home charging. Most electric vehicles come with a basic level one charging cord you plug into any standard 110V outlet It charges slowly and many drivers find their car battery pack doesn’t fully charge overnight. Investing in a level 2 ev charging station for your home solves these problems and answers safety issues commonly associated with public level one charging stations due to theft and vandalism.

Level 2 ev Charging Differences and Benefits

Level one charging stations send current to your car battery pack more slowly than level 2 chargers and their efficiency is heavily impacted by how much you use your vehicle. Average daily commuting ranges from 30 to 60 miles and recharging can take around 9 hours. Drive much more, and it can take as long as 18 hours to charge your car. The 110V current is much less than rated capability for most electric vehicle onboard charging systems and is a much less efficient use of energy.

Level 2 ev charger stations connect to a 240V home outlet with the connection going from the vehicle to the charging station. This can save time needed to charge and save money because recharging can take place during off-peak hours with lower per kilowatt hour rates. Greater efficiency is achieved because most electric vehicle on-board charging systems work most efficiently between 208 and 240 volts.

Enhanced mobility is another advantage gained with most quality level 2 charging stations. The unit is easily unplugged and packed for use on road trips or longer than usual commuting. This is especially important with the increasing incidents of damage to public charging stations insufficient proper maintenance, vandalism and people stealing copper wiring. The risk of accidental electrocution alone is an incentive for finding a better option.

What to Look for When Purchasing Level 2 ev Charging Stations

Purchasing a level 2 ev charging station isn’t as complicated as it may seem but there are things you should consider before purchase and installation.

Green Car Reports recommends consulting with a qualified local electrician to ensure the unit is suitable for your home and needs and is installed properly. You need to decide if the charging station (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) is going inside your home, garage or if it will be installed outside.

Look for a charging station that is ruggedly constructed, UL Listed and easy to operate. Compare the various devices available for ease of use and cost. You should be able to find a quality unit that meets your needs and expectations at an affordable price. Online gear site engadget recommends those with ease of use and 25% higher charging rates than comparable devices.