How To Improve Your Cyber Security

Cyber Security

While incredibly complicated in practice, cybersecurity comes down to access control in theory. When you control the physical and digital access to your data, you can decide who can access it, when and for what purpose. Improving your cybersecurity, therefore, means improving the tools and techniques used to control all types of access to your data.

Control Digital Access

There is a difference between access control and access approval and focusing solely on the second will compromise the first. Access control Brighton CO companies can help improve your processes to identify, authorize and authenticate users for access approval as well as audit your current systems. Access approval is the system granting access from users who are already authenticated. When you audit who has access as well as the policies and procedures you have around this process, you can find gaps in your security and take steps to close them. For instance, you can convert from a password-only system to one which uses a physical security badge alongside a remembered password.

Control Physical Access

Using many of the same processes listed above, you can control who has physical access to your files, servers and computers as well as the authentication methods used for digital access. For instance, requiring exiting employees to return physical keys, authentication cards and other items issued by the company for security reasons can keep malicious actors from using those things to gain access to your building, sensitive data and much more.

Controlling access to either physical or digital property will improve your cybersecurity and some changes can improve access control to both. For instance, converting from physical keys to RFID employee cards can improve both the physical and digital security of your company because the same ID can be used to control access to the building and to the databases, as long as you have the systems set up for both physical and cybersecurity.

Becoming a Truck Driver

A Commercial Driver’s License or CDL is a special kind of license for those transporting large, heavy or hazardous materials in the United States. In addition to a CDL, drivers need special endorsements for the type of load they carry. If you’re interested in becoming a truck driver, make sure you understand what kind of license and endorsements you need.

Becoming a Truck Driver

Which Class?

There are three basic CDL classes – A, B and C. Each one allows you to drive a specific type of commercial vehicle. A Class A license generally covers tractor-trailers, tank vehicles, livestock carriers and flatbeds. In other words, the kinds of trucks that allow you to find loads that you haul from one place and drop it off in another.

A Class B license is needed to drive a passenger bus, segmented bus, box truck or dump truck. These vehicles are lighter than those in Class A. If you are interested in driving a bus route for a city, this is the type of license you need.

If you are a teacher, coach, youth minister or in-town delivery person, probably all you will need is a Class C license that covers passenger vans.

Which Endorsements?

Adding additional endorsements to your license often requires additional tests. The H and N endorsements allow you to transport hazardous material or liquid or gas in a tank truck, respectively. If you want to drive a tanker with hazardous material, you’ll need the X endorsement. Trucks with double and triple trailers are driven by those with a T endorsement.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in mainly transporting people, consider the P endorsement which allows you to drive up to 16 people in your vehicle. Once you’ve successfully qualified for a P, you can take the test for the S endorsement which is necessary to operate a school bus.

Becoming a truck driver is not as simple as taking just one test. Research the type of rig you ultimately want to drive and begin working towards adding additional endorsements whenever you get the opportunity.

Why You Should Recycle Scrap Metal

Recycling has been encouraged for decades and improvements in technology has made it easier to recycle more items. One of the first materials to be recycled was metal both because it is used in almost every aspect of life and because it is one of the most effective materials to reclaim. Two of the biggest reasons for you to recycle scrap metal are the environmental and financial benefits involved.

Recycle Scrap Metal

Environmental Benefits

Recycling metal conserves water, energy and materials versus mining virgin ore. Not only does mining disturb the plant and wildlife around the site, it can also impact the environment through acid drainage and piles of tailings. A scrap metal recycling company Byram Township NJ can even pick up your old vehicle or appliance for you, so you can replace them with more energy efficient models while freeing up materials for new uses.

Financial Benefits

Some recycling companies will pay you for your scrap, but the financial benefits extend into the economy. Because metal recycling is more energy efficient than mining, it is cheaper to turn scrap metal into sheets for use in vehicles, buildings and food containers than it is to mine and process the raw ore. As more of the virgin ore is extracted from the earth and put into use, new sources become harder to find and more expensive to get to, which can raise prices throughout the economy.

Recycling your scrap metal can help you make a positive impact on both the environment and your pocketbook. Not only can you sell your scrap to recycling companies, but you can replace vehicles and appliances with more energy efficient ones to save on transportation and utilities. Metal also costs more in energy to refine than to recycle, so reshaping old items into new ones can keep the prices on goods and services lower.

3 Hobbies That Make You Smarter

Do you have some extra time on your hands? There’s nothing wrong with kicking back and enjoying a TV show or movie at the end of a long day, but if you tend to find yourself with spare hours in the evening and on the weekends, you may enjoy pursuing a new hobby. These three pursuits are both fun and beneficial to your brain.

Learn a Musical Instrument

If you never learned how to read music or took any lessons as a child, don’t let that stop you! You are never too old for music instruction Rockford IL. What’s more, studies have shown that people who study music enjoy increased brain function and that the structure of musicians’ brains differs from that of nonmusicians. Depending on the instrument that you choose, staff members at the store where you rent or purchase it may be able to recommend teachers in your area.

Study a Second Language

So much of the world opens up when you have the ability to speak another language, even if you aren’t fluent. Being bilingual means that enjoy music and books written in another language, get around more easily in foreign countries and more. Look into local classes, connect with an instructor online, or try an app like Duolingo.


Meditation is better known for inducing calm than boosting brainpower. Nonetheless, neuroscientists have found that fluid intelligence, defined as one’s ability to work with new concepts, be creative and dream up innovative solutions, can be enhanced by regular meditation practice. You don’t need to devote much time to meditation to see the benefits: it only takes about twenty minutes per day.

Next time you find yourself with time to spare, why not get started on a self-improvement-friendly hobby? It may feel difficult to get started, but once you take the first steps, you’re sure to be glad that you gave something new a try.

Signs You Need to Call for Transmission Repair

Just like with any other part of your vehicle, finding problems with the transmission early can help you save money and prevent more serious damage. The problem is many drivers don’t know what issues to watch for. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common signs of transmission issues.  

Signs You Need to Call for Transmission Repair

The Car Will Not Switch Gears

A telltale sign you need transmission repair Alma GA, is if your vehicle struggles to change from one gear to the next. Sometimes low transmission fluid is the cause of this. Another issue could be the wrong type of transmission fluid.

A Burning Odor

If you start to notice a burning smell coming from your vehicle, do not wait to have it checked out. Sometimes, the smell is a sign that the transmission has begun to overheat. It may also be an indication the transmission fluid is burning or old. Usually, replacing the transmission fluid will fix the issue, but it is best to take the car to a mechanic to be sure.

Strange Sounds

If strange sounds are coming from your car when it is in neutral, you can bet there is some type of transmission problem. In the best situation, the sound means new transmission fluid is needed. However, it may also be a sign that the entire transmission needs to be replaced. While this can be an expensive replacement, if you do not act quickly, it may cause damage to other parts of the engine.

If you believe there are issues with your car’s transmission, do not wait to take action. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will become. This is also going to result in more expensive repairs. Being informed and knowing what to look for are the best ways to know when to take your car to a mechanic.