How To Improve Your Cyber Security

Cyber Security

While incredibly complicated in practice, cybersecurity comes down to access control in theory. When you control the physical and digital access to your data, you can decide who can access it, when and for what purpose. Improving your cybersecurity, therefore, means improving the tools and techniques used to control all types of access to your data.

Control Digital Access

There is a difference between access control and access approval and focusing solely on the second will compromise the first. Access control Brighton CO companies can help improve your processes to identify, authorize and authenticate users for access approval as well as audit your current systems. Access approval is the system granting access from users who are already authenticated. When you audit who has access as well as the policies and procedures you have around this process, you can find gaps in your security and take steps to close them. For instance, you can convert from a password-only system to one which uses a physical security badge alongside a remembered password.

Control Physical Access

Using many of the same processes listed above, you can control who has physical access to your files, servers and computers as well as the authentication methods used for digital access. For instance, requiring exiting employees to return physical keys, authentication cards and other items issued by the company for security reasons can keep malicious actors from using those things to gain access to your building, sensitive data and much more.

Controlling access to either physical or digital property will improve your cybersecurity and some changes can improve access control to both. For instance, converting from physical keys to RFID employee cards can improve both the physical and digital security of your company because the same ID can be used to control access to the building and to the databases, as long as you have the systems set up for both physical and cybersecurity.

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