Repairs Needed after a Hail Storm

There’s nothing quite like a hail storm! One minute it’s a normal day, and the next there are balls of ice falling from the sky. While you personally were not likely harmed by the storm, it’s wholly possible some of your belongings fell victim to this natural disaster. Here are some potential repairs you may need to make due to hail damage.

Car Repairs

Cars are some of the property most commonly damaged by a hail storm due to their location and structure. Since many people’s cars are left exposed due to a lack of garages or tree protection, they’re very vulnerable to hail damage. Typically, the issues that result are to the body or windshields of the vehicle, but thankfully these problems are easily remedied by an auto body shop Lakewood CO. These repairs are often covered by your car insurance.

Roof Repairs

Similarly to your car, the roof of your home is completely exposed during a hail storm. As a result of being pummeled by hail, the roof can easily incur pretty severe damage. If your roof was already a little weaker, or the storm was intense, it’s possible you may even need an entirely new roof. Be sure to file a claim with your insurance provider, as hail damage to roofs is typically covered.

Landscaping Repairs

Thankfully, damage to your landscaping is rarely life-threatening or incredibly dangerous. Usually, a hail storm may simply take out some bushes or flower beds, but if these mean a lot to you, you may want to immediately repair any damage that was made. While not necessarily as likely, there may also be damage to your trees. If you had an older tree, or one that is a little precarious to begin with, you should check to see if it sustained structural damage. If so, it may need to be taken down by an arborist to keep you, your family, and your property safe.

After a hail storm, check your car, roof, and landscaping for damage.

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