Welcome to the GOAT Yard

Welcome to the GOAT Yard

Why do I call this the GOAT yard? Well, this yard, simply put, is the Greatest Of All Time! Situated in the high desert, this yard is miles away from any major population center. It is also massive, like over 100 acres and 8000+ classic cars. It’s not just the quantity of the cars that makes this place the greatest; it’s the quality as well. Most of these cars have the trim pieces and hood ornaments that are rarely found in a junkyard. There are also plenty of rare import and domestics in this yard. Makes like Opel, Frazer, Borgward, Henry J, Goliath, as well as many Packard’s and Hudson’s. I even spotted an old BMW 700 and an original Fiat 500. The yard spans many decades of automotive history from the 1920’s to the 70’s. The geography and layout of the yard is also what makes it so great. The main part of the yard has many hills and valleys, giving you the sense that you have died and gone to junkyard heaven. I’ve been to many junkyards, both big and small, and this one is clearly the Greatest Of All Time!!!

Picture taken in the 50-60’s GM section of the yard. Night, full moon.

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